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Up for preorder now.... http://www.screenarchives.com/title_...SLAND-BLU-RAY/
I keep reading posts by people on different forums about the poor sales of catalog titles, many of which are supposedly selling in the low thousands and even hundreds. Can someone provide links/data that explain this, listing specific titles and at least estimates of the number of units sold?
The new Image disc doesn't have the extras from the OOP Anchor Bay disc. Not sure about the transfer.
They are all $14.99 each this week.
I have the Arrow disc, but I wonder how the Image disc compares in terms of picture/sound.
Not only that, the actual grenade looks much worse than what is pictured on Amazon.uk.
Who has the rights now? Lionsgate?
The picture you see here on this vid before you hit play is actually the limited (and much cheaper) UK box set.
Some people over on Blu-Ray.com noticed these changes:
I was interested until I read about all of the cuts.
New Posts  All Forums: