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I ordered my movies from them on 9/5, and my order is still "In Process".
I really like how that stand looks. It's just that $999 pricetag... Hopefully a dealer will be willing to work out a good deal for the TV + stand.
My 55A20 will be delivered tomorrow. I went to ABC Warehouse (a chain in Michigan and Ohio) looking for the 50A10. They didn't have the A10, but the salesman showed me the A20. They had it priced at MSRP. I played with it for about 15 minutes and decided if the price was right, I'll take it. After discussions with the salesman, I got the 55A20 for 20% off MSRP plus a free 5 year warranty (that covers bulb replacement). It was an offer I couldn't refuse. This TV will...
Hello, I'm new to the forum. :) Anyway, I've been seeing this TV on ShopNBC and it seems like a good deal. I'm looking for a TV to play HD video games on (XBOX 360). I'm under the impression that I need a TV with "native" 720p. My question is will this TV give me what I need? Here's the specs: # 32" LCD TV # HDTV/SDTV ready # Brightness: 550 nits # Native Resolution: 1366 x 768 # Contrast ratio: 800:1 # Aspect ratio: 16:9 # PIP support # Built-in speaker #...
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