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It will be interesting to see where this season is headed. That was a neat touch to have an entire season's worth of zany material flash before Archer's imagination during the last couple of minutes.
It was a very well acted episode and the convictions given were quite believable, with the negative being that we will have to deal with the pretensions of the expected prison escape. As convincingly menacing as the character is, I'm ready for him to be killed off. At least his inevitable death likely won't happen on the courthouse steps.
Excellent discussion, but not one mention about his experience working on those silly Police Academy movies?
I completely agree. I often wonder what the hell it is that I'm missing with the logic behind FXX. There has to be something that I don't understand, as the people operating it have to be smarter than me about this stuff.
Well, I am a huge fan of Larry David's work and have grown to like this show for the most part, so taste is not universal in that regard. I will agree that its overall comedic value is definitely not nearly on the same level as a show like Curb Your Enthusiasm, especially the first few episodes. It's ultimately a different kind of show.
That was a strong finale to a strong season. I love Lizzy Caplan (Ruxin's sister), and her role further verifies that this show has brilliant casting directors.
Indeed. Kenny's vision of how his life could very well unfold was just as pretentious as one would expect.Sacha Baron Cohen was great as the lewd TV producer. I would rather die than host a stupid Maury Povich type of show that features things like the results of paternity tests; I don't care what it pays.
A fantastic couple of episodes. I'm with Ben, in that women in skates can be quite an attractive sight to behold.
I think this is actually one of the more realistic shows on television. I can see pretty much any of the events portrayed on the show occurring in reality. I'm sure some of the events hit home with many people yearning for a life of superficiality.I was hard on this show at first, but it really does continue to get more interesting with each new episode. Tonight's episode really demonstrated how stupid and nonsensical it is for someone like Stuart to keep chasing these...
Another thing is that you don't need the absolute maximum quality settings used for benchmarking to have an amazing looking game on PC. There are some graphical features that really bog down performance for marginal visual benefit, and once disabled or lowered raises your frame rates by a lot while the game still looks quite a bit better than what a console can offer.
New Posts  All Forums: