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It was already renewed for a 10th season earlier this year. Anything beyond that is uncertain at this time.The show has definitely gone downhill, but that was inevitable. It is extremely rare for a long-lasting show to retain the same level of excellence during its entire duration. It's safe to say that we'll never again see a season as constantly strong and original as the first five seasons, and to be honest, for the show to have been as good as it was during those first...
I agree that it was once again a clear lack of original ideas. But, we did at least get quite a few laughs this time, which should always be the primary goal of comedy writers.The blackface situation would undoubtedly offend many people outside of It's Always Sunny's audience. We know the right way of looking at it in finding humor, the humor falling squarely on the tactless and out of touch nature of these misfit characters.
PCs have been extremely trouble-free for me since the end of the days of having to fiddle with IRQ assignments and fledgling drivers. That said, I do have a certain nostalgia for those days. We are at the point where things easily work with very little effort. What does take lots of effort is making a modern OS installation so bloated that it affects performance; keeping things lean should come natural.
Absolutely. More baseball is always a good thing no matter who's playing. Well, aside from one's favorite team; a sweep is always optimal in those cases. Also being a Yankees fan, I wish for a Boston loss tomorrow so big that it will make them ponder shaving their nasty beards.
I haven't watched a single episode of The Walking Dead, but good job categorizing people. #whatever annoying Twatter (sic) hashtag counters a flame suit
I think any console-only gamer who cares so much about the premium visual fidelity afforded by 1080p+ rendering and highest quality post-processing should strongly consider saving up for a good PC gaming rig. We need more PC gaming converts... a lot more.
I'm out of touch with the console gaming community, but I doubt there are many console-only gamers who really care about 720p vs. 900p vs. 1080p rendering or which system is more powerful. They by and large just want to get into the game and play while enjoying a taste of what next generation visuals have to offer, which is certainly admirable. Us graphics whores will chiefly stick to the PC, which I guess is admirable as well but think that it might also point to a bit...
This is definitely my favorite season of the series so far. The dialogue couldn't get any funnier. I really like how Kenny treats his robot as one of his own children. It looks like the series will end with a battle of childish egos between Kenny and Guy Young. The final few episodes should be quite interesting.
This show is getting incrementally better with each new episode as the cringe-worthy elements become better developed. I think it's worth spending 30 minutes a week watching.
Nah, our sense of humor is fine. It was a braindead episode, both literally and figuratively.
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