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There have been a few shared plots between It's Always Sunny and The League on the same night, with this week being based on "Flowers for Algernon." Both implementations were nicely done, though The League was funnier in my opinion.
Yup, the last few episodes were golden. Stories that center around Taco or Andre never fail to bring the laughs.
I'm not upgrading GPUs until the high-end 20nm parts become available, which could be a while. But, they just might show up around the time when I upgrade my CPU and motherboard to Intel's Haswell-E and X99. Both AMD and Nvidia have interesting upcoming technologies in general, and both companies (as well as game developers) should have ample time to flesh them out by this time next year.
This is definitely a big deal and is the kind of solution I have always wanted as I've had to settle with the tradeoffs of triple-buffered vsync for the latest games that tax the GPU. I won't be gaming on a small monitor to take advantage of G-Sync, but it's a huge start that opens up all sorts of possibilities. Oh, and something tells me that the crazy Jen-Hsun Huang wanted to name this tech N-Sync until the legal team strongly advised him not to.
This is fantastic. Now if only this would be incorporated in quality big screen 1080p TVs and not just smallish monitors.
I admit that I like his overly caring assistant, played by SNL cast member Kyle Mooney. There's a major 80s film geek vibe coming from him.
AMD's TrueAudio is an interesting idea, and I am looking forward to seeing how some developers program it. I saw that Thief will be one of the early games to utilize the tech, which kind of brings us full circle given that the Thief series was at the time one of the first to really show off the benefits of new iterations in EAX hardware-accelerated audio. Of course, the possibilities with TrueAudio are much more flexible.
Poor Larry, or Jerry, or Garry. Sam Elliott as Eagleton Ron was a brilliant idea. Chris' celebratory lunges were hilarious.
I have no problem waiting for the expected PC release, whenever that will actually occur. Looking at gameplay videos, I am very impressed by what the developers were able to do with current generation console hardware. The PC version should be stunning.
I still speed through games like DOOM/DOOM II, Quake 2, Half-Life 1, Unreal and FEAR every now and then. In the mind of this veteran PC gamer, they are about as fun as FPS games can get.
New Posts  All Forums: