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This probably a stupid question, But what is the difference between the external filters "Lav Splitter" and "Lav Splitter source".. Should I be using one or the other or both ??
I've been using Media brower for some time now. I plan to build a new HTPC soon. I have Media Brower configured just the way a like it and I would hate to start over again. Are there any data files I can copy from 1 machine to the next inorder to transfer all my Media Browers configurations ?
I think everything is working except for WMP I don't get subtitles when using LAV, They show up for HAALI. Any thoughts?
Thanks.. LAV decoding shows up for all MKV movies except ones that are VC1 encoded. Does the LAV splitter work on VC1? Also with VC1 encoded moves, the audio is NOT passing bitstream, instead it is passing multi-channel PCM audio. The correct bit streaming is working for all NON Vc1 encoded films. I got MPC to work, by changing the internal filters to OFF for Mpeg movies. LAV decoding, then worked fine.
Is there a way to determine if WMP is using the LAV codec ?
All my movies are MKV format. I believe I followed the directions as given, but when I "mouse" over the filters during playback is doesn't show any Lav Processing.. I double-checked the shark settings to use Lav for MKV, I checked MPC external filters and everything looks right. Any thoughts on what I could be missing ?
Thanks for information, it is really helpful. One additional question, I will be using W7 64bit. Should I be using the MPC-HC 64 bit version and is there a compatiable ffdshow for 64bit, or should I stay with 32bit builds?
I am getting ready to build my HTPC. After reading through all these pages of information, I have a confusion factor. Sorry if this is a rehash. All I want to do is play MKV movies and bit stream the HD audio to my receiver thru an HMDI connection from my ATI video card. If I use MPC-HC do I need any additional decoders? It seems MPC-HC plays MKV files fine, but is there an audio issue I am missing? Thanks
Convert it to MKV using dvdfab.. It works great on the hub
Does anyone know what Pioneer means by "albums" in the HMA, when it relates to pictures ? I am using windows media manager and I can't see how "albums" relates to pictures. I understand the concept in "music", but Pictures ?
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