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Yeah, I will probably do that as well, placing it on the gable end of the house as not to puncture the roof.
Thanks. I think I'll take a look from my roof first and then probably go with a 91XG. I'll post on here how it goes
Thanks The "91XG for UHF" seems like a much better choice than the HD8200U. I think I'll pass on the HD7698P as VHF isn't an issue. I think I can get a bit off the rooftop without too much problem, but a 70' tower will not meet the WAF... I'll climb up there this weekend with compass and binoculars and take a look.
Solid Signal recommends: http://www.solidsignal.com/pview.asp?p=HD8200U&d=Winegard-HD8200U-Heavy-Duty-Platinum-VHF%2FUHF%2FFM-HDTV-Antenna-%28HD-8200U%29&more=yes
So I cut the cable today with dtv and I am thinking of going OTA. I am up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range north of Fresno, CA "First, you should enter your location into www.tvfool.com (both "Click Here" to see predictions and "Start Here" to see an individual station colorized coverage map and post the RESULTS URL (webaddress at top of browser) so we can see it." So any...
Okay - I gave up dtv today... A subscriber on and off since 1998 - going to try to go OTA out here in the Sierra. I used OTA in the hills back on the east coast, so I have a little familiarity with what I am undertaking. TV Fool says I am a fool. I need a great UHF antenna and lots of luck to try to squeeze some signal out. Anybody else up in the foothills using a setup they would recommend?
Thanks... My email to FOX received a form email response. Does anyone have a good email for the engineering department, or perhaps even better the Chief Engineer?
KMPH is rebroadcasting the F1 race (on delay) and for the second race in a row they are failing to show the race in it's proper format. It appears to be 16:9, but it is smaller than it should be. The video quality also appears to be SD. We don't see these sorts of problems on Speed. Anyone know what the problem is??
So the feed is almost SD quality and isn't full screen? What gives????
I just picked this set up for a replacement in our bedroom. Not much on the interwebs about this set. I like it so far.
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