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Nor are the first Godzilla Vs. Mothra or Godzilla 2000, the only ones I'm interested in getting the Blu-ray of. J
I'm kind of ticked off that it took them so long to put this out. I haven't seen season 3 yet, and they are already leaking scenes from season 4. J
Change the white setting to neutral.J
Yes, MPT shows many of the same shows, and in 1080i. Perhaps that's why they switched.J
OK, I can hear the fan when I get close to the TV, but not from the viewing seat (8' away). I'm sure it helps that its about 2' from the back wall (window) that has curtains over it. I was more surprised by how much heat the screen puts out.J
I have a June build, and hear no fan noise. Either its softer than ambient noise, or I'm deaf as a stone, or there isn't much noise. I don't know if every set made before August has the problem, or if it is just more likely in those builds.J
Good question The kits say 103/105. I'm guessing yes, but you can contact them.Here's the link:http://bluraychip.dk/product.php?id_product=26J
All of the Oppos are easily moddable. I have an 83, but will be getting a 103, probably soon.J
I was planning on leaving the pixel orbiter on for the antenna input and off for Blu-ray. I'd rather have off for everything than on for every input. J
OK, my bad. :-( J
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