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looks like Surewest was just sold to Consolidated Communications of Illinois for $340.9M http://online.wsj.com/article/BT-CO-...06-706410.html http://www.sacbee.com/2012/02/06/424...purchases.html *edit will be interesting to see what impact this has on customers in our area.
Sounds like your in a similar boat as us. Surewest fiber is avail on the other streets in our neighborhood except for ours here in Roseville. We live in a gated circle with other houses that is closed off from the rest of the neighborhood. Supposedly they were going to install fiber on our street before the end of the year but here it is January now and it has yet to happen. So I'm thinking there probably wasn't enough interest from other homes on our street and they now...
hrm actually Roseville might still be a separate system from Sacramento Country. Haven't checked in awhile but our channel line ups used to be a bit different. I guess that could explain why your still getting analogs. In our case I'm guessing they might have actually pulled them on August 9th as the press tribune announcement stated.
Yeah that's always a possibility. They usually do maintenance over night often around 2-4 am. Anyways I decided to swap coax to my TV just to see myself. It looks like analogs are now completely gone in Roseville. It appears the only channels left now are the HD locals versions in Clear QAM and one or two of the government access channels.
Yeah there was an article in the Press Tribune that stated the 9th as well for Roseville.http://rosevillept.com/detail/182998...type=&town_id=I don't have a tv hooked up without an STB in our house so I cant check if analogs are gone or not.
Have had the dcx3400 series DVR with a 500gb for around a year or so(cant remember exactly) here in Roseville. However none of the local offices could even get it(most of what they get is old recycled equipment) so instead how I got it was by Calling up Comcast over the phone and specifically requested one to be shipped to me. As I recall it came brand new in a box inside Xfinity branded packaging and even came with the Motorola manual
So far haven't noticed any real difference here. All our TV's are on HD STBs though. I have noticed about once a week some of the basic cable channels go black during the overnight hours. It's probably when they do network maintenance as it usually coincides on nights with EAS testing. May be moving some frequencies/channels around, etc.
Just FYI that notice for a cutoff date/transition was July 9th(Today) in Roseville. It will be interesting to see if anything good comes out of this.
yup Comcast disables those ports on their DVRs. If your lucky you might be able to upgrade to the newer black DCX3400 as some of those come with 500GB internal drives.
Sounds like maybe a splitter going bad to me. I think the HD locals are pretty high up in the frequency range(near 700mhz) so its possible you were loosing the top end. Anyways hopefully you used a good quality replacement to avoid any future problems. The Stuff Comcast usually gives out like SVI (Signal Vision International) beats the hell out of the gold plated chinese crap most retail stores sell these days. Not sure I would go amped though unless you have a ton of...
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