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I'm totally pissed off as well. That is the only mode I played on FIFA 13 and they removed it, and even worse is the fact that previews said all the modes would be in the next gen sports titles. There are some threads on the ea website with many disappointed people. Of note there is this quote:If I'd known, I would've bought NBA2K instead. At least the game is still fun, but I doubt I'll buy FIFA 15. Probably will get the World Cup game, though. No way they can...
I liked it a lot, but I'm reading some of the (older) comics using the Marvel Unlimited app. Really enjoyed the easter eggs, and was wondering if they would show a flying car so I enjoyed the ending.
Right now I only have Watchdogs preordered. I'm tempted by Killzone and AC4 (and to a lesser extent FIFA) and my son will be getting Lego Marvel for Christmas, but I'll wait to see if there are Black Friday deals (doubtful but I'm hoping for a B2G1 free). Also a mostly xbox gamer only getting a PS4. I had a PS3 (traded to pay off the PS4) but am more interested in the Sony exclusives than Forza (the only MS game I'm really going to miss). The PS3 was mainly used as Blu...
For DirecTV, you'll need to hook up the Mits adapter directly to the D* box via HDMI; it won't recognize it through a 1.3 HDMI AVR (what I do on my setup is have D* connected via composite to my AVR). For the PS3, you'll need to hook the PS3 to the Mits adapter then change the options on the PS3 menu to turn 3D on. After that, you can hook the PS3 to the AVR then the AVR to the Mits adapter; the problem is for 3D blu ray movies you'll probably have to bypass the receiver...
I was watching Last Resort last night and heard a loud noise and the picture went black...I knew I should've ordered a spare lamp months ago. Ordered one first thing this morning and hopefully it won't take too long to get here.
The family that slays together stays together...I haven't played with my kids but it's one of the few game series my wife enjoys playing with me. I don't play much online.
I'm trying to decide if I should jump in now or wait for a sale on the new models. I'm not an audiophile so leaning towards buying them now but have until the 12th to make my decision.
The AVR won't handle 3D movies. When I play 3D movies I have to connect the PS3 to the display (Mits DLP through 3D adapter) and use TOSLINK for sound. (I have a 919 but it should be the same for the 1019). It can handle 3D games without problems, though.
Depends on the tv you have. If you have a 2009 or older tv 3d on IR glasses will look like crap and you will want DLP Link glasses.
Thanks for the info. May as well put the $5 and use it the rest to rent movies for the kids.
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