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Last year this was my battle plan for my Samsung E series.Avoid black bars as much as possible.Put the Cell Light on 20 and leave it on 24/7 for 10 days or 2 weeks.Adjust contrast, brightness and gama according to how you like it.Remember this short breakin period only happens once in the life of the setonce you get over 500 hours on it those phosphors are good to go.Sure it will pump out a fair amount of heat but that's normalfor plasma and it's a good thing.There's...
shpankey Did you have the cell light at 20 max on the 64", and it was not bright enough?
buzzard767 That's all good and fine but I was not talking about a calibrated set. I'm referring to 'user menu' settings for owners who will never want or care about pro calibrations. BTW, what percentage of the Tv buying public has their Tv Pro calibrated?
BTW, let Sumsung know that owners want a 70" and 80" F8500 for a future upgrade. If you demand it, they CAN build it. Sumsung spent who knows how many billions of $ to make the F8500 a reality. Why limit such a great panel to a 64" screen?
Without the big brightness gain of the F8500, 'Movie mode' and 'Warm 1' for the E Series Plasma is the only way to go.
With the E series I can assure you no matter what the cell is set to'Warm 2' looks horrible unless you like yellow looking snow.
Look at it this way.You are going to adjust Contrast, Brightness, Gama, more times than you could count for the life of the set.Setting the cell at 20 max and keeping it at 20 forever is one less adjustment you have to think aboutCell at 20 means the ABL circuit peak energy is at the maximum the TV will allow, any lower cell settings lowers this peak.zoid:"Lowering cell light below 20 is how the energy saving function works, it lowers the ABL peak energy output allowed.So...
Andy in one of the early threads when the tests/calibrations were done D Nice stated the ZT is not as brightor even close to the record setting brightness levels of the F8500.So it's not an assumption, just a fact.Besides Panasonic is not even going for bright, are they?
And that's been the number one complaint from the TV buying public.The F8500 is the brightest plasma ever buy a long shot and that's just plain bad news for Panasonic.Why they even bother with the limited production ZT is beyond me.Trying to 'save face' as the Japanese would say.
So your watching in a dark or very dark room.Even at gamma -3, contrast 50% or less, brightness 50% or less?
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