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Doug, I have to disagree with you on the Shannon bit. Certainly, he is not a play by play guy at all, but I love listening to him alongside someone who can call play-by-play, such as John Rooney. I am sure you're a few seconds behind what happens due to Mike's stories, but I still enjoy the overall broadcast. Agree on Scully as being fantastic. If you watch MLB Tonight on MLB Network (one of my FAVORITE ways to burn summer evenings) they do so many live look-ins and a lot...
I have been on 55 and 255 and can actually see the Ballpark and cannot get the game on 550. I do have XM, but not isn't really the point as I have to hear the other team's announcers 50% of the time.
I am thinking of installing the DDWRT firmware for my WRT54G today. What if it screws it up? Is there a way I can revert? If using that does not work, I'll be looking at the DLINK everyone is talking about.
The next big announcement, I believe, will involve radio. Here's hoping for a return to KMOX.
When will you be setting up the league? I'm ready to join!
I have not been able to do that. I have also had several disconnects on games I have tried to play online.
If we cannot add the Big Ten, I will take Oklahoma.
WinstonSmith is in. My PSN names is amillereawr I'd love to add in the Big Ten.
I got the game today. Any news on the League?
Thank you.
New Posts  All Forums: