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Okay I need some Help. I bought this TV this weekend along with Tangled 3D and Love the 3d and picture quality is amazing but I noticed some horrible back lighting on the four corners and a blob mid way up on the right side. So I brought it back and exchanged it for another one at Best Buy. Well I brought the new one back home and it has the same issues if not worst. This time more noticeable on the bottom left of the screen and through out the picture. Its only...
Amazing Trailer.
I agree with David Jaffe. I hope the game is like the trailer and not like Left 4 Dead in its Tone and Story. This trailer was amazing and haunting.
Yeah I rented it from Redbox as well and sort a wast of a 1.50. There were moments were the movie was decent, but anything that was dealing with Umbrella was just awful, dumb and not any fun. I would place this one being better then the second one but not as good as the first or Third movie. It does suck this series didnt get better writers and directors. They could of made these movies awesome. I love zombies and post apocalyptic flicks but these movies never reach there...
Extras seem pretty sweet, one of the making of features is 1 hour 42 minutes. Theres a bunch of stuff on these discs. Just scanned through the movie PQ looks just as good as the original release. Pretty different opening to the film as well. btw The Cardboard cover for the bluray is ugly compared to the beautiful case holding the movie.
Loved this movie. Hit Girl was the best character of the movie. The girl who played her did a fantastic job.
we only have a 720p projector but it was still razor sharp. Gonna have my Brother and his wife over soon to watch it since they havent seen it yet.
Let us know how everyone liked it. Everyone should be in for a treat. I loved the movie, thought it was a awesome ride.
I agree with you a 100%
I agree, I loved the visuals but I loved the Characters, Story, It had alot of heart to the movie, you end up rooting for the characters. I loved the movie. Yeah the Story Structure is alot like Dances with Wolfs, but that movie wasnt the original in its structure either. Its a classic story and put into this world that James Cameron created it works wonders. I have seen the movie 3 times and loved it each time. yeah the eye candy is amazing but if the story or characters...
New Posts  All Forums: