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John Ross may have been flustered in the beginning, but he got into the trois pretty quickly. It's a shame Pamela needed drugs to get there, that would have been a nice storyline.
ATSC does have 1080p in two flavors:1080p24 and 1080p30. The reason neither of these are used is 24 doesn't show 60Hz sources well and film on 30 would look terrible.
Clicking through my OTA channels and KCBS is still running 2.2 as an SD version of it's main channel. Then I found this thread and realized nearly two years have passed. Are any CBS stations out there running a sub-channel that's not a duplicate SD? bumpity bump so please update if you're enjoying (or just acknowledging) CBS's sub-channel.
Is this the server with wireless boxes? My parent's house has old wiring where their bedroom has a cable running across the floor and the lanai can't be patched in without disrupting the aforementioned room. Going wireless would help a lot.
Highlighting the prophetic part, TWC is being bought by Comcast as was reported not more than two hours ago (see time of post).Bumpity bump: I hope ComWarner gives us fiber to the home in the near future especially with TWC's plan of 100Mbps internet.
I've been watching the KNBC news on TWC and it appears at least for the weather they're utilizing the whole width by running the seven day forecast down the right side while the weatherman hugs the left side of the screen where center-cut would cut him off. EDIT: It's confirmed that the graphics & content now run 16x9 from left to right edge to edge. It took a couple years but I think center-cut safety is starting to slip, at least in Burbank. BTW: bumpity bump.
I'd like to see Mark Hamill work at the Comic Center for Stuart as a celebrity (Mark falling on hard times has to work at a comic book store) or "That guy that looks like Luke Skywalker"
I'm wondering if she's still paying full rent with the broken elevator. That alone should justify a temporary rent reduction to something Penny can afford.
Stealing physical media from the store gives the store a loss they need to deal with. They paid for the copies and need to sell them to recoup and make a profit to keep the lights on and people paid. When you record off an audio source for your own use (radio/sat/internet) you create a copy and there is no loss apart from the apparent loss of sale most of which goes to the record company.I wear skinny jeans, I can't get more than 4 down there.
New show tonight so if you're in the eastern & central you're missing it now by reading this so WATCH IT! Saturday Night Live KNBC-DT - 4.1 - Sat, 12/07, 11:29 PM 1 hr 33 min New, 12/07/2013, Comedy, Variety, Sketch Comedy Scheduled: actor Paul Rudd hosts; musical guest One Direction performs. Credits: Don Roy King (Director), Don Pardo (Voice Of), Paul Rudd (Host)
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