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A quick update, I emailed LG tech support and they told me it could support 1366x768 over the HDMI input, I have not had a chance to check this out. Also, you can do 1080i over the HDMI input (I know, I tried with my Motorola 6412 Phase III STB) but LG recommends you use 1280x720. -- Jim
On the South Oakland (Royal Oak) System...CBS-HD moved from 26-5 to 62-1 when UHD was added. -- Jim
I am looking at getting a video processor this year and I wanted to know if anyone has used an LG Plasma Display (50PX1D) with one and if it is possible to get Native Resolution through its HDMI input. Thanks for any assistance / information. -- Jim
I have the LG "sister" model. No better PDP for the price. -- Jim
It is gone in Clawson, MI as well.
I thought it was a camera focus issue until I noticed the score graphics were going out of focus at the same time. I have also noticed this on local Pistons games on WDWB-DT. The only common thread is that both are 1080i broadcasts....maybe a reason FOX and ABC/ESPN say 720p is better for sports. -- Jim
[quote=Dawgdaes]Does anyone know if the HDMI port on the 6412 Phase III is active? Mine from Comcast is active. Directly connected to my LG Plasma. -- Jim
It was viewing angle for me versus DLP and LCoS sets.....CRT Rear Project wasn't an option due to weight. -- Jim
Quote: Originally Posted by Ken H It's political, but Randy Freer, COO of Fox Sports Net, said the goal by the end 2006 is "to be televising a majority of the live sporting events in each of our markets in HD.". When FSN Detroit goes HD, also expect local OTA coverage to go HD. OTA coverage of what? All the Wings games (except those on OLN and NBC) are on FSN Detroit AFAIK. -- Jim
Those of us in Detroit should be happy to have the game in HD at all. The only times we get to see the Wings in HD is if NBC or OLN is doing the game until our lame-ass FSN affiliate gets it act together.
New Posts  All Forums: