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Any update on this? I think I am experiencing the same issue
One other option would be: Center: JBL LC2 ~$290 Fronts: JBL L820 ~$350 per pair Rears: JBL E30's (already own) This option would only end up costing me ~$600 and I think it would improve my setup.
Well, I ended up going out the side of the house and up to the attic under the siding. The wire is not visible anywhere and no drywall work necessary.
How are you able to tell the S50 would mate well with my E30's? I am not challenging that suggestion, just want to understand how I can tell what will mate (timbre match) with the E30's. I tried to get an EC35 a while back, but couldn't get my hands on one.
Those look like nice speakers. If I end up going with them, I will shoot you a PM about potentially purchasing your extra one from you! Thanks.
I have enjoyed the JBL's, and that is how I had them setup in my previous 5.1 setup (horizontal center). The only drawback is the depth of the box, they are at least a foot deep. I am not ruling this option out, however, this limits my ability to go to a matching 7.1 setup. Maybe the question I should have asked is, can I improve significantly from the E30's with $1000 budget? For example, will the setup described above improve my sound significantly. Another option...
Any opinions?
I am constructing a basement home theater. I will be using equipment from my previous home theater but I am considering upgrading my speakers during construction. Here are the old setup: H/K AVR247 Optoma HD70 PS3 Oppo DVD/SACD player JBL E30's all around DIY Sonotube 15" Dayton Titanic sub (tuned to 18hz) H/K multi-disc CD player Technics record player Usage: 70% Movies/TV 30% Music/Concerts Room is 17.5' x 14' (actual room is more like 17.5 x 28, but support beams...
Not yet, been busy lately and this weeks forecast is for temps hovering around 100, so I will not be venturing into the attic! Hopefully things will cool off for the weekend and I can get up there (my wife is not a fan of the ladder sitting in our bedroom)
You are correct, it definitely is sealed off with a 2x6. I did get up there to take a look, which is what prompted me to post this thread.
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