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If you're handy with the dremel, it can certainly be done. I've thought about doing it a few times myself, but have yet to do it. In case you haven't seen these, this is what I was going to use: http://www.parts-express.com/magnetic-grill-guides-0395-dia-x-02-h-8-pcs--329-045 If you decide to do it, I'd love to see pics of the results!!
*Sale pending*
Here's a pair of Mordaunt-Short Aviano 6 towers. They are 4 months old and in mint condition. As you can see in the photos, I had some custom glass tops made for them, and I'll include them in the sale. Manufacturer's product page and a few...
Looking for an Aviano 5 center, preferably in black (but will consider other finish). Must be in excellent condition. I'm on a tight budget, so looking to spend $200 or less.
If anyone can help with my above question, I'd really appreciate it. I need to know this today if possible. Thanks!
Hey all, I am considering this unit. I see the specs indicate it is over 19" deep. Can anyone who owns it please do a couple of quick measurements for me? 1. From the front of the cabinet to the rear (NOT including front panel controls or rear connections, just the cabinet itself) 2. Depth from the outer edges of the feet, front to rear Thanks in advance!!
FYI: I have recently dismantled my VR965 towers and have all the electronic components (Lynnfield tweeters, midrange drivers, (1) woofer, sub amps, crossovers), as well as the top caps. If anyone needs to replace a tweeter or any of the other components in theirs, let me know. I am pretty certain that Boston Acoustics used the same tweeter and midrange drivers in other models as well...
I believe one of the side mounted subwoofer drivers has an issue with the voice coil. I recently noticed a sort of "rattling" sound coming from the rear port while playing some music with deep bass. I assumed it was something loose in the cabinet, so I removed the woofer and took a peek inside. I found nothing loose, so I then played the same bass heavy CD with the woofer in my hand. I could hear it coming from the woofer itself. I could find no tears/holes in the woofer,...
Hello Boston Acoustics fans! Just an FYI, if anyone is interested I am parting out my VR965 powered towers. The speakers are still in good shape (7/10), but I believe one of the woofers has a bad voice coil. I am selling them as is (cheap!), or for parts. They are on A-gon, but if anyone here needs a replacement Lynnfield tweeter or any other part, let me know.
The Aviano 6's arrived this morning. Talk about fast delivery, I ordered them on Saturday evening, they shipped out yesterday, and arrived in one day. Granted, I'm only around 180 miles away from HiDEF Lifestyle, but that's still very speedy!! Taking them out of the box and thoroughly looking them over, I must say that I'm quite impressed with the build quality of them. They pass the knuckle test, giving a fairly solid thud when knocking on the cabinet. Also, the fit and...
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