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There is no use for Black Tone. It crushes blacks, eliminating shadow detail and not really improving black levels for you. The only exception is if you're using 3D and you do strange things like raise the Gamma high just to get a visible image, then you want that to bring some of the lower blacks back down to earth. It might help give some pop to the picture for you in its own right.Dynamic Contrast can IMO a good thing for non Blu-ray discs. When you calibrate your set...
Will the Evolution Kits help with anything that's not Smart Hub related?
I would have a HFR for movies. 24p is awesome, and very "film-like" already.
OLED doesn't yet have motion down pat either, though. What is hindering the performance of an OLED with 24p? Can it ever be addressed?
Plasma pop shows up more in the blacks and shadows, but then the F8500 also has it in the whites compared to other plasmas. You get the best of both worlds.I honestly get plenty of pop with Blu-rays, but I had to compromise a little bit for cable. I turn Dynamic Contrast to Low for it. I think I also lowered the Gamma by 1 and was able to up things like Cell Light and Contrast in comparison to my calibration settings for CAL-NIGHT (set for when watching movies). These...
Finally, somebody else sees what I see. It is headache-inducing.
I have learned that when people say "inky blacks," they are really just saying "as black as plasma televisions can get." There is just no such thing. There will always be a glow for plasmas, and I think the more I try to be picky about "I wish I had inky blacks," the more I realize it's just not possible with this technology.However, the blacks on the F8500 are significantly better than the blacks on the D7000.
EAGLEFAN67, this one is easily the most entertaining of all of them. It tries for different scare tactics though, too (and unfortunately kind of fails). I liked the ending as far as story progression, because they can literally go anywhere with it now if they want to. For the record, the third one is my favorite. The fourth one is not only my least favorite, but as far as I can tell it has zero tie-ins to The Marked Ones. So I think you can be okay with skipping PA4 if...
I'm assuming you're responding to the post above mine.
I'm glad you don't get eye strain. I on the other hand would like to know what ya'll have in your eyes that prevents this. I had eye strain on my D7000 (until I realized turning off CS is what helped), and the same thing occurs for the F8500. The only problem here is that CS off with the F8500 is the ghosting and brightness pops.
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