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Just to let you all know, I need to sell my Hitachi 57F59A by this Tuesday since my wife and I are moving to a small house. The picture qauilty is amazing and I only have 500 hour hours on this rear projection tv. I've already posted this on the AVS classified. I really want this tv to go to a good home:) If interested, please pm me. Thanks, Randy Ps. Bob, I hope your surgery went well.
I'm selling my beloved Hitachi, since my wife and I are moving to a samller house. The tv only has 500 hours on the guns and the picture quality is amazing. I'm the original owner and took excellent care of this tv. I need to sell this unit by this Tuesday, June 26th, so if you are interested, please email me. If you purchase this tv, you'll have to pick it up. I'm located in Millbrae, Ca just south of San Francisco. Thanks, Randy
Hello jostenmeat, Thanks so much for all your help and I'll try this try once I upgrade down the road. Randy
Question for the experts. Can my 805 work with the new 3D TV's or do I need to update to a newer receiver that has 1.4 HDMI capability? Thanks, Randy
If I were in your shoes, I'd probably at least get a quote to repair your rear projection, and if the cost is above your set goal you want to spend on a six year old set, then go purchase a LCD set. With the LED and 3D sets on the horizon, LCD's will go down even further in price. Good luck, Randy
Hello Jerry, I'm having the same problem as you are on my 57F59. After the TV is on for about 15 minutes, the screen goes through a variety of colors then blooms from a soft white then to a brilliant white and then powers off on it's own. I took out a service contract with GE about three years ago, thank goodness and my service provider has order a signal board and deflection board. Hopefully this resolves the issue, since I really prefer watching movies on my...
I just purchased 15 HD DVD titles from Amazon. At $4.00 per movie on the average, that's a deal you can't pass up. Even though I have both HD DVD and Blu Ray formats, I still prefer watching my HD DVD moives. Randy
My son worked for Hollywood Video about ten years ago. Once Blockbuster moved in, two blocks down the street, Hollywood Video went down the path of finally closing there doors. Now it looks as if Blockbuster will see the same fate very soon. My wife and I have subscribed to Netflix going on four years and we love there service. We also have the Roku box which is very convenient for instant watch now movies. Once Netflix fine tunes the Roku for high def content, it's...
My wife and I have this movie in our Netflix queue. Since we're dog lovers and the owner of a spoiled golden retriever, we can't wait to see this movie. As for my golden retriever, she will have to remain in the bedroom during the moive. There's no way I'll let her lick my new Samsung LN52A650 TV. Randy
I guarantee you'll have no regrets with purchasing your LN46A650. I have the 52" 650 and I consider this, the best LCD on the market right now. This picture quality is stunning. Enjoy, Randy
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