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It's been a couple of weeks since I've checked. Chicago Fire is in reruns, so I've been deleting without watching... I'll try to check it again this week. Apparently I'm set up to record all episodes. Heath
I sent an email to the tech. guy at WIS last night about the same time I posted this. He said he's going to check on it... I'll post up any response I get. I'm glad to know it's not just me! Heath
Has anyone noticed audio problems during Chicago Fire on NBC? For the last few weeks, I've been getting some distortion, mostly when the soundtrack is louder. It actually sounds a lot like the tinnitus I had after spending too much time at the range without good hearing protection. It's only during the program (not during commercials) and not during other shows. I'm watching in HD on DirecTV. Heath
I'm replacing my TX-NR803 due to a surge taking it out during a storm earlier this year. I've narrowed my replacement down to a refurbished TX-NR808 and the TX-NR609. From what I can tell, the 808 has been a problem child... how do you guys feel about the "fix" that Onkyo has made. Are the issues fixable, and likely to have been fixed on the refurbished units? As a side issue, I'm feeding this receiver to a Panny TH-50PH9UK via component cables. My sources are a...
Also curious... I have been a loyal Onkyo user for the last 25 years or so, but recently had a receiver fail. I think mine was due to lightning but I'm seeing a lot other people with the SR803 that have the same no audio problem, so I'm wondering if the storm just took out the weak link. All of my prior receivers have just moved to lesser rooms... Now I see a sticky in this forum with lots of last year's models failing and not being repaired properly. Heath
Same thing happened to me last night - but there were some power surges due to a storm... Interesting that this seems to be a common issue. I've had Onkyo receivers since the mid 80s when I was in middle school. My dad wanted to get me something that would last and sprange for a TX-27 that's still working fine. Same with three other Onkyos in our stable, so I hate that this one won't be following my usual mantra... "Onkyos never die, they just move to lesser...
Never mind... finally fixed in the 3rd quarter. Seems like this is becoming a frequent Sunday afternoon "treat"
Anyone know why the Panthers/Jets game is in SD on WACH? Heath
I have noticed that on several games this year on the SEC Network too - something with their feed. Heath
Does anyone know what happened to the HD on WACH for the Cowboys/Packers game? It flipped over to SD early in the 1st quarter and is still that way in the 3rd. I'm watching on TWC. Thanks! Heath
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