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What's happened to this thread? What about this:  
Anyone feel the Stefan skits are starting to become a little forced, i.e., he has to breakup laughing now and it's not as natural as it was before?
Anyone else not able to connect to RiderNet? Just sits there forever!
Clarie Danes (headlights)
Just played it twice last night. Fun table, but I had no idea what was going on. Every shot seemed to go right to a ramp, so scoring is aplenty. Got 100M in the second game, even though I was hoping for it to end so I could get to my simmering chili! (And for reference, that's the highest score I've gotten on any table.) Some tables have "instant suck" where you just can't seem to win (some of the earlier games). Others go on and on (MARS). This appears to be more...
Wilson fell on his wrist trying to get out of House's way. They probably were just checking Cuddy out as a standard procedure.
I rarely comment and love just reading what y'all have to say, but I have to jump in and say I thought Casey was very good. I'm a jazz fan, so maybe I'm more accustomed to some of the things he was doing, but what talent! Unfortunately, I think he shot himself in the foot a little with his interview, because he was a bit too full of himself. Such an accomplishment, never before done on Idol, an education....shut up! Loved James, too. These two guys say screw you...
Still, she was pretty darn cute in her reindeer outfit with the black nose!
I think the pics were taken when they were loading the boat, not dumping the body. They made us think it was when they were dumping the body as a cliffhanger, but the next episode made it clearer that it was the loading of the boat.
Doesn't Sam need to have a similar animal nearby as a termplate to copy, at least for the first time he changes into it? Remember he saw a fly when he was in jail and then turned into one, copied a pit bull at the fights, and I think there was at least one other showing of this phenomenon. I'm not sure how he turned into a bull, but perhaps he prepared in advance for that one. So anyway, I don't think he can just say "I'm going to be a tiger now, and a very large one at...
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