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Sorry but I completely disagree. I think these Disney Fairy movies look wonderful. The animation is rich and very active in both the fore and background. The voice talent does a great job. These are actually good Disney films in my opinion. My daughter(3) liked this one the best out of all of the fairy films. I also enjoyed how it hooked in more with the Pan mythos.I was disappointed to see this not get a 3D release where as the last title, Secret of the Wings, did. ...
Agreed. This looked very, very dark on my calibrated ST50. The sound and video were OK but after watching Gravity the movie just looked blah.I also felt the movie itself was the worst Marvel film I've seen yet. I like them all including the first Thor. This was just a real bore and the plot/villain just weren't very compelling.
"The Reviews will be judged according to the following equally weighted factors: number of total reviews, quality of reviews. The decisions of the judges will be final. A review must be an original work of entrant's own writing."From the official rules.
I was very much looking forward to getting the 3D version for my family as we didn't have a chance to see it in the theater. I've really enjoyed past Disney 3D releases and it sucks they won't be selling it here. I did go ahead and order the UK version and look forward to seeing it.
I could be wrong but I think it's almost entirely the same as an X4000. Denon owns Marantz for sure.I think the X4000 is about $1000 cheaper.
I thought it was just a Denon X4000?
I'm very happy with native 3D content. I have quite a few 3D Blurays that I enjoy. The 3D conversion is crap though.
Great! I think the picture coming out of HDMI2 with Blu-Ray is shockingly more detailed.Thanks for clarifying!
Thanks. Does it pass 3D? If not I guess I'll just switch back when we watch the rare 3D title.
What exactly am I losing by going video out with HDMI2? The picture looks much better on my 65" screen.
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