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Great people to buy from, got my Kuro 600m from them 4 yrs ago. Im not looking to change TVs yet, but nice to know that when this thing finally dies I wont necessarily have a downgrade
Well, at least I have something to look into if my Kuro 600m every breaks.
From the OP I got the feeling that this applies to ANYONE returning ANYTHING this holiday season. Seems like that is far from the case.
Im not using my Darbee much at all... PM to take it off my hands for what I paid (intro pricing)
Oh BTW... Smarthome does NOT offer "30 Day No Hassle Returns" on this product. Farther down in the product description they state they will not take a return on this item. I tried returning with no luck , and have just emailed their management. I doubt I will get a response that I like. I bought from them only because of this return policy, I didnt think I would have had to read every detail to see they wouldnt take it back. EDIT: Got a response, Darbee insists on...
Got my Darbee a week ago. It sits between my Pioneer Elite VSX-21 AVR and my Kuro (600m).. I had high hopes for this thing. It doesnt seem to do anything that DRE doesnt do, I didnt notice anything spectacular. I tried HD and game settings, 0-110, and when the enhancements were noticeable it looked less natural. I ended up preferring the non-enhanced look for most things. some scenes looked much better with the Darbee, but I noticed that I could accomplish the same...
soooooo what about the actual film?
Agreed. How do you know the BD transfer is what the director really wanted? Perhaps he really wanted it sharper, etc, but the end result didnt turn out that way and the studio released it anyways to meet a deadline.Im all for reference quality images..its why I paid for a Kuro 9G, but to act like whats on the disc is exactly what the director wanted is ridiculous. Why do they re-release discs all the time with different characteristics? For me, if it looks good then it...
This list is more up to date:http://www.vgchartz.com/analysis/platform_totals/
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