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The problem is that you are naming him person of the year just because he died this year. He could have been person of the year when the iPad or iPhone came out, or iTunes, or the eMac (maybe he was)... but what revolutionary idea did they produce THIS YEAR? What did he do in 2011 that is relative to the POTY discussion?
or we've become numb to cepro articles and stopped reading them
blah. a real company designed this?
no tint, no DSE here. 600m.. still love it and wouldnt take any other set on the market over it.
Yes it is. I dont know why they didnt but the Falcons just had to blitz more. Had they looked at any film from the last 3 years they would know that blitzing the bears line = many turnovers. I was surprised at how poor the Falcons line looked though. Peppers and Melton (in his first start) were having a field day.
ooo you managed to watch the Atlanta game while living in Georgia! luckily it was broadcast up here as well, but I'll need DTVST for about 10 games this year.
hmm seems like a mixed bag from what im reading. I didnt get it today since my team was on TV anyways, and may not be able to watch next week, and the next should be on TV. I wonder if they will lower the price every month?
nope but im pretty die hard when it comes to the Bears. the vast majority of the population is not die hard about NFL. im sure the NFL has done their studies but it seems like they are getting greedy and pushing the limits. right now they are the dominant sport aside from NASCAR, and they obviously want to milk it as much as possible, but they'll hit a point where its too much.
there is obviously a sweet spot between too little and too much. NFL right now is in the sweet spot, much more and people will lose interest in the regular season.
im against 18 games.. it dilutes the season imho. one thing that helps football maintain interest is the season is not too long. it wont be to the level of basketball or baseball, but i bet longer seasons will drive away some of the casual fans.
New Posts  All Forums: