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benq pb6200 ... 6210 is brighter but the 6200 is still fantastic.. spend 50 bucks on blackout curtains and pocket the rest and it iwll be plenty bright. i use mine on a 120" 4:3 screen... widescreen on that looks fanstastic
at least u know someone will hack the PS3 to output blueray HD over component :) if thats the only route, then i'll take it
when they say you cant drill usually they dont care as long as u spackle it up and paint when u move out... my apt has had the same policy but i always get away with it. if u have big cables running along the base board.. go to lowes or homedepot and for $4-5 for 8ft you can get a 90degree baseboard fitting.. like 1" x 1" and "cap" the wires under... i jsut did it in my apt, i'll take pics when im done.. PM me ur email addy and i'll show u what im talking about. its...
I bought my Benq pb6200 from them.. and have had FANTASTIC service.. i too had a billing issue but i actually punched in the wrong ecp date on my CC.. my fault but they called to check etc etc... and were the most helpful people i have ever dealt with online. i was very pleased and have recommended them ever since.
its not the screen size.. i have a 120" 4:3 ... colors are dead on .. the PC input changes the color representation... or so i thought? i use components ... also.. check ur PC color calibration via software
any news yet? Also, how difficult is it to clean the color wheel? im movin into a new apt.. only have 160hrs on the projector but figured i might as well clean it off while i have it down. just rubbing alcohol on a Q tip?
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