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togglers can hold a lot of weight. ive use the togglers (the ones you need a 5/16" pilot, insert toggler, slide sleeve down the nylon zips, break zips off). they are a breeze to use and are very heavy duty. 4 of those and a center stud sounds pretty sturdy.
Quote: Originally Posted by sjsufootball Has anyone had trouble getting sound from Vieracast-Pandora,YouTube, etc.? I have my AVR(Pioneer SC-37) HDMI 1 Out(ARC) to the GT30 HDMI 1(ARC). When I press the Viera Link button on the remote and change to Theater speakers from the TV speakers in says, "one moment" and then it says "check your connections".. in the past and probably present, to output sound FROM the TV you need to run a seperate audio...
just installed the 50gt30 at a friends place yesterday. amazed with how thin it is even compared to my 60" kuro 600m, which i thought was pretty thin to begin with. the HDMI ports were placed in a terrible spot but the 28ga monoprice cables i told him to get bend just fine. do any of you run break in slides? Overall the picture out of the box hasnt been tested well yet, didnt have a bluray disc on hand at his new apt. looks like it should do pretty well though. I...
can i sum this up for everyone so its put to rest? I dont like the SOE and many dont because it a) makes me wanna puke, b) makes me dizzy as well, 3)looks very weird, 4) I dont like soap operas. The rest of the people that DO like it.. good for you! enjoy it. I wont, you will. Lucky for me I have a plasma that doesnt exhibit it, so its not an issue for me... and if it IS an issue for you then turn the feature off. end of story. seriously, is this argument going...
what ever happened to the laservue sets?
i didnt know ps3 netlfix did 5.1. i'll try it out tonite and see if that show gives me options. what season/episode?
probably typos... write up says 85" panny
hope they have some exhaust fans behind that thing... a 14" recessed nook for an 85" plasma sounds toasty. overall it seems clean and nice. not ideal from an AV standpoint, but for a living room it certainly is more than adequate.
not going to click. and hopefully (not likely) the AVS admins will get some people with actual content to post.
Ive noticed this with previous Mad Men BDs as well... but is seems like the highlights get blown out and sparkly like crazy on things such as white drapes or frosted glass office walls. My gf noticed it in season 4 ep1... she said "why are the drapes on fire". Ive never had issues with whites on any other disc at all, just mad men. Also i get irritated with the poor black levels in certain scenes. some dark scenes have blacks that look very very light, then other...
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