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no such thing as HD antennas. that's a sales gimmick. there are indoor antennas good, so-so and bad and outdoor antennas good, so-so and bad. most hidef channels are in the UHF band. a few are still in the old VHF frequency range. when u buy, make sure it will pick up any HD channels still in VHF. in my case, that's the main PBS channel for metro New Orleans. Other than that, my UHF indoor tack on the wall flat LEAF antenna pulls in all the main channels and their...
ref comments about dish service, i had dish a long time ago ... not long after it became available in our area. i discontinued it primarily because i didnt have enough time for watching a lotta tv. now semi-retired, i do. went back to dish a few years ago. customer service is good; theyre willing to work with seniors on fixed income to try to come up with a reasonable deal. channel selection in all but the smallest core packages is good. weather-related hangups are much...
Im using the great LEAF indoor antenna. It brings in at least 20 channels and subchannels ... EXCEPT WYES-channel 12, the main PBS station for metro New Orleans. I have no idea why it does not come in at all.
Im thinking about getting one of these (the kdlinks), too ... maybe a used one from the amazon warehouse. but im concerned that the manufacturer rather openly encourages people to give their product 5 stars in exchange for something (not sure about that). that said, even taking this into account, the kdlinks probably would get a rating in excess of 4 even if all the possibly bogus 5s were removed.
does the kdlinks 680 have usb 3.0 connectivity? that seems to be the coming standard.
roku 3 vs kdlinks hd700 ... any thoughts on which is better, preferably from those who have tried at least one of them. i have first generation roku (handles up to 720p) and it's a pretty good little box, and cheap. a friend of mine recently brought his roku 3 over and hooked it up for me to see. i was impressed. but the kdlinks (even tho $30 to $40 more) looks very appealing because it has such a broad range of video and audio formats that it can handle.
It apparently does matter. I've already seen that my Seagate external drive (USB 3.0) will not play a MKV hidef movie thrugh the USB 2.0 app on my Roku player, whereas several MKV videos in my USB 2.0 external drive will play via that app.
are one or both of the usb ports usb 3.0 on the kdlinks hd680? It seems that most of the external hard drives being sold today are 3.0.
i recently purchased an indoor antenna called Mohu LEAF. just hang it high on your wall. it's excellent, picking up 22 regular and subchannels. i live about 30 or so miles from the local channel transmission towers. the LEAF is available in several types. i have the standard. got from amazon for $35 as i recollect. it's now $39.99 tho u m ight shop around and get it for a little less. the more expensive amplified models dont seem to rate as well as my non-amplified.leaf.
i agree on the over-use of large, brightly covered graphics that promo upcoming shows, etc. it's maddening, and wwl-tv isn't the only offender. many of the cable channels, are worse.
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