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It certainly does. It give anything to have the auto-dimming feature be adjustable. It is almost embarrassing to have to explain to guests or family, that it's a "feature".
Sure it does. In fact, the PQ on the included Netflix App is outstanding. But like everything else on the TV, for every good thing, there is a bad thing, and you can't turn off the TRUMOTION crap on Netflix, since the latest update came out.
Oh I agree, thing is, folks found a workaround initially, but the workaround doesn't work now. I was just lamenting the dearth of information on this particular model.
Good post Prodwell. I myself am completely puzzled as to the lack of information available both from LG and from owners of the ga6400. I don't want to say I am disappointed, but when I can't do simple things like turn off Trumotion on Netflix (still can't figure out how to do that after the last software update) and continue to have difficulties getting what I consider a solidly configured picture setting system, it ruins the experience a bit. Does anyone know how to...
You guys have a local dimming option? I don't.
Since the last update, has anyone noticed that using the App to change picture settings when in Netflix doesn't work anymore? Have you guys found a workaround yet?
Yeah, my bad dude, I found 'em.
What are your settings Mercennarius?
Thanks man, no reason to apologize, just makin' sure I'm not missing something. I like what I'm seeing so far, will watch the Broncos game with them and see if the settings are still ok to my eyes. Are you using these same settings on Blu-Ray content?
When you say both Trumotion settings are maxed out, what do you mean? I only have dejudder as an option, do you have something else?
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