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Pre order is up at Amazon.com. 3 Disc $24.99 http://www.amazon.com/Deathly-Hallow...dp/B001UV4XI8/ Single Disc $19.99 http://www.amazon.com/Harry-Potter-D...dp/B004MKM8L8/
Sure, here you go: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1185297 Read the last 2 or 3 days of the thread.
I agree with you on this. I think I will go with the Denon 4810CI instead. That's if I can find a good price on it.
Now at $1249.99 with free shipping.
Now at $1649.99 with free shipping.
Both work great on 2.5 firmware.
Sure, here you go: http://www.*********************/images/pdf/BDP-09FD.pdf
I paid $118.80 ea. from cyberguys. I believe that was with 10% off for signing up on their site.
Yes, here is how I store up to 1500 movies. I catalog them here: Then store them here: If I need more space, just add another stack. I can eject them through the computer or manually. Works great for me. Right now I use six for DVD's, 2 for HDDVD's & 2 for Blu-Ray. I have used this setup since Xmas. It works great except for the occasional glitch of not recognizing a USB connection in WindowsXP, which is easily fixed.
Each unit has to be plugged into the wall to operate. I use two large wall strips to plug all ten into. I leave the wall strips turned on, so they can be used manually at any time. There is a sliding door in the front which keeps the dust out. This door also wakes the unit up when you open it & lights up the unit. If your PC is on & the USB lines are connected, then you are able to use the movie collector software which is interconnected to the units. You now can eject...
New Posts  All Forums: