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People complain XBR9 sound is not very good. How does it compare to LN32A450?
I have LN32A450 bought it last year, considering selling and getting a 32" xbr 9 since they are getting so cheap. I love my parents' 52" xbr9 but i know obviously it's not the same... one difference being 120hz vs 240hz (and i'm sure a difference in panel quality). but i think it could be a nice leap from 720p 60hz to 1080p 120hz , what do you think?
Ah I see. i think 720p looks sharper than 1080p on my set too (playing blu ray back on my roommate's PS3).... Anyone else?
Just wondering thanks. whats the best resolution to feed this tv for blu rays? my 360 does 1360x768 with HDMI but PS3 only does the general settinngs 720p/1080i/1080p... wondering whats best for blu ray.. is this better tv at upscaling (from 720p) or downscaling (from 1080i/1080p)? thank you
anyone else notice this tv looks pretty uniform spot on, but from side angles, it's slightly not uniform (not terrible, but noticable)? I got the 32" like this.... not a big deal, merely curious.
so what seems to be the best settings for watching tv/movies?
The black levels are quite impressive for an LCD. and they have been fairly detailed in my experience. We have three other Samsung LCD's and one Pioneer 7th gen 50" plasma. that thing is amazing. Samsung = best in terms of lcds
I upgraded the f/w on the ln32a450 from whatever was stock (manufactured in april 2008, bought the tv three weeks ago from best buy), to the latest on samsung's website. it seems like after the f/w update, it seems like switching between analog channels there's a hiss (when channel box is displayed in top left, once it dissapears the hiss dissapears too) and there's a hiccup between audio being on hissy and then clear (when the box dissapears). I can't remember if it did...
Has anyone updated the firmware on their tv from whatever was stock? it seems like with the new firmware, when i flip channels (analog comes into the dorm), when the channel is shown in top left, the audio is louder and more staticy, and after the top left channel icon dissapears, the audio skips for just a second then the staticy/hiss is gone... Anyone else? I can't tell if it was like that with 1006.3 or whatever the stock firmware was or if I'm just imagining things....
i just figured it out. i had like 1006.3 or something and updated to 1013.3 (latest on samsung's website) is there a big difference between the two?
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