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You  missed my point. I was wanting to find out if it was the wall outlet that was the problem. When you ran extension cables from your conditioner, you were also using another wall outlet.
You has said that all was quiet when the subs were connected to the power conditioner. As a test only, I would suggest temporally relocating the conditioner back to where the subs are located and plugging the conditioner into the power outlet where you had the subs plugged into. Now plug the subs into the conditioner to see if there is hum. If there is no hum, this shows that for some reason there is a problem with the power at that location. (And it is solved with the...
No. All of my Seaton gear is powered by a 45 Amp circuit. This allows me to use a contactor to control it. My Integra provides a signal to a solid state relay which controls a contactor to turn on / off my 120VAC gear & a control to my 240VAC circuit.System control via remote.
I think that the "Packing Materials" refers to the uncompressible foam that is packed around the speakers. (Inside the box)
I have no idea why people have been having such a hard time contacting Mark. I do know that he used to post frequently (Both here & on his own forum) long detailed posts. I also wish that he would get his "Boom" together on his Web site.Several years ago my Seaton journey started with my purchasing the two Subm's that "WarrenBuffett" had (The person that started this thread) as he was leaving the States and could not take them with him. Mark supplied the shipping materials...
I am aware of this. Also I guess that I was unclear with my former post. The unit that I had serviced was the 80.2 & I have not put it back into service, as my 80.3 (Formerly 80.2) is rack mounted & I also had the Audssey license transfered to the 80.3.
I have had one incident with my 80.3. Operation was restored by "Pulling the plug" & holding in the [on / stand by] button on the processor in while restoring power. I an nervous because I went down this same path with my 80.2. It got to the point that I could not restore operation that way & I had to have the unit serviced.
I have been using the WET610n for per perhaps 2 years now with no problems. It plays nicely with my internal network using MAC filtering and the SSID not being broadcast. I listen to Internet music using VTuner on my DHC-80.3  & if there were dropouts I would hear them.
From Mark's Forum: http://www.seaton-sound-forum.com/post/connection-setup-guide-submersive-hp-f2-5999706?highlight=cables And Mark's Recommendation:  http://www.markertek.com/Cables/Audio-Cables/XLR-to-XLR-Cables/TecNec/SC100XXJ.xhtml or http://www.markertek.com/Cables/Audio-Cables/XLR-to-XLR-Cables/TecNec/SC50XXJ-B.xhtml
How can it be "overpowering" if your system is configured correctly and listened to at sane levels?My temp HT is ~2400 cf and I have 10.8k watts of Seaton power up front, not counting my surrounds. (4) I have two SubMHPs under the LRCat 12Cs (Not the best config., being up front)I listen mostly to music & I don't consider the SubMs to be overpowering. I would check into your system config.
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