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I did the following to get my X800 working with my files ripped from my 360: 1. Ripped files to hard drive with ANYDVDHD and latest IMGBURN software and made an ISO. 2. Used DAEMON TOOLS mount an ISO Drive. 3. Played file with WINDVD 8 HD. Watched King Kong last night and had no stuttering with my X800XT. Using AMD X2 4200+. Hope this helps.
Thanks for your help. I think you are right. I had other problems in the past with the TV not related to the HDMI which they decided to replace the digital board. Basically these repair guys (atleast the one I deal with here in South Florida) just replace the light engine and/or digital board rather than try to diagnose the problem. Oh well..like I said the warrenty was a sound investment
I also just got my set calibrated by Eliab. If I get a new digital board will the calibration remain?
My setup is the following: HLR5688 HDMI1 My components run through my receivers then out to my TV. When you say cycle the inputs what exactly do you mean? I ordered another long HDMI cable just to rule that out but I am not too confident that is the problem. When I use my existing cable and go direct to each HDMI source I still get the green screen. Have you ever heard of the HDMI connection working but the HDCP handshake stops working? I figured it was all or...
Either HDMI port will produce the green screen if I connect another A/V HDMI source. Now if I connect my HTPC to either HDMI port then all is well so it's definitely a handshake problem. Apparently some 6412 comcast boxes with a recent 16.20 firmware can have a problem. I have said firmware but my other devices are creating the green screen I think. Reason I say that is that perhaps the cable box is creating the handshake problem and it's not getting reset before I...
Has anyone had their HLR display a constant green screen due to the HDMI protection. I have tried everything to reestablish a connection with all of my other equipment connected via HDMI but I still get the green screen. I even left the TV unplugged for a day and then tried to connect it but got the dreaded green. Had this same HDMI setup for over a year with no problems. I have a feeling it's gonna need a repair. Will be my third digital board in less than 2 years for...
My TV was calibrated by Eliab who seems to be quite familiar with the HLR models. He indeed turned off those settings you mentioned but there is a bug in the firmware which automatically turns DNIE back on when you power on the TV. It is well documented in this thread. The settings remain off in the service menu and you do not need to re-adjust them but you still need to follow the brightness routine.
No. Once you turn your TV off. When you turn it back on you need to follow those steps.
I own a HLR-5688 as well and recently had it calibrated and DNIE turned off. Be mindful that even though you are disabling DNIE, it will turn itself back on once you shut off the TV and turn it back on. When this happens go to the Settings Menu and adjust the brightness one tick up followed by one tick down. This will turn DNIE off again. I added this as a macro on my remote and it works like a charm.
Just a quick note to Samsung owners on the fence about calibration. Eliab completed a calibration of my HLR-5688 last night and the difference is amazing. With the DNIE gone, colors and black levels adjusted the picture is stunning. If he is touring your area I highly recommend him. I see from some previous posts I am not alone.
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