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If I remember correctly Girly is pretty good. I haven't watched this in years, thanks for the reminder I'm going to add it to my watch list (maybe even watch it tonight). I have this on VHS and DVD. I could really get nostalgic and watch it on VHS
Day Two 6. Metamorphosis - In the Seventeenth Century, while Hungary is fighting the Turks, the population of a small village in the Carpathian Mountains faces the evil Countess Elizabeth Bathory, accused of drinking and bathing in blood of virgin women. Count Thurzo imprisons the Countess in the tower of a monastery and brings her daughter to live with him. In the present days, Keith is writing a book about Countess Elizabeth Bathory and traveling through Hungary with...
Day One 1. Chained - Directed by Jennifer Chambers Lynch is about a cab driver called Bob (Vincent D'Onofrio) who picks up women and takes them to his house where he kills them. But on this one day he picks up a woman and her 9 year old son Tim. Bob kills Tim's mom and then makes Tim live in the house with him all while he keeps killing women. Tim grows up there, watching, seeing all that happens. Bob wants to make him his protégé. Will Tim carry on the legacy? The...
First movie begins in eleven minutes.
Don't get too excited it sucks! Really shouldn't even be called a horror movie.
This site is showing an October 15, 2012 DVD USA release date but it also indicates there's currently no US distribution.Amazon UK is also showing an October 15, 2012 release date for Inbred DVD & Blu Ray (Region 2 DVD, not sure of Blu Ray).
Available now from Amazon UK, Region 2 (DVD only listed). I will be watching this one in October.
I just checked it out and it goes through the 21st.
How about some pics of the Crystal Lake Diner sign.
+1, I'm not making a list either. Made one last year and didn't follow it.
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