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This. To me it's like adding pink elephants into every scene, for all contents. Sure, some people like elephants, especially the pink ones, but to me it makes more sense to ask "what the h*ll are they doing there!?"
They do:http://apps.pro.sony.eu/prodinfo/ind...roduct=VPL-BW7 This doesn't make any sense at all.
May I ask what kind of displays (ie plasma, CCFL-LCD etc) do you use for reference?
Ahm, Green is brighter than White?? Something has gone seriously wrong! Also, the numbers you gave us don't tell you the saturation of a specific color, Y is the color intensity. Quote: You have to actually plot the xy coordinates of your primaries, which is not very accurate on something like the spyder, then after that you have to calculate the proper Y value for those primaries. Just plugging a % referenced to white drawn from REC709 primaries won't...
Which display(s) did you use?
When the difference between different BD-players is this obvious, 99 out of 100 times, it has to do with the player settings. Ie, its appels vs oranges.
I think Panasonic will equal or pass the G9 in almost every area in 2011 maybe even in 2010 already. Better blacks (going from speced 40K:1 to infinite:1 most mean something), better low-level detail, less dithering noise, almost perfect colors (the EU PZ800 was great) and at least as bright. Sooner or later they have to use a nice gamma-profile for a light-controlled viewing environment that combines detail with image-depth/contrast and come up with some high standard...
I think all Lumagen processors has a "Green Chroma"-level control, nice feature.
Yes, the pattern is correct. Use the pattern yes. However, it is likely that the clipping has occured in the display or in the source and it might be a good idea to examine if you can remove the clipping by using controls in those components.Double check with the basic Color-decoder pattern (the one DVE tells you to use for the Color-control and the color-filters) so that you haven't destroyed the picture even more, sometimes a compromise is needed (in other words, make...
Yep, it is different. Look at video as a signal that is made up of 2 signals, black-and-white information (called luma) and color-information (called chroma). Both are needed to get a color picture. The gray ramp only shows you the "range" of the luma part of the video signal. The green ramp shows you the "range" of the chroma (+luma) part of the video signal. In other words, the chroma part is clipped somewhere in your system. And as "Rolls-Royce" pointed out, lowering...
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