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Thanks guys. The image looks fine. I can see no issues either cosmetically or picture-wise.
Thanks! So I called Best Buy and they admitted it was an open box delivered "by mistake". After the dust settled, they offered $300 or would order and deliver a new one. I checked it out and decided to keep the open box one and the $300.
Hi, I just took delivery on a Panny TC-P60GT30 from Best Buy. I noticed the remote batteries were installed(!) so I checked the service menu. The unit had been on for 19 hours and had 20 power cycles before mine. Is this a normal factory "as-delivered" usage?
Thanks BP. That is what I thought but wanted to make sure.
Is there any way to have the volume/mute on screen display show up when the monitor is connected to the HDMI output and the source is HDMI as well? It doesn't show up for me unless I use the analog inputs.
Hi, If anyone wants a CM-4228 antenna with tripod, mast and pre-amp for $50, let me know. This is less than half price and the antenna is around a year old. Pick-up only (NW Tucson). Thanks,
Hi, I have posted a few times about my quest to get HD locals via OTA with an HR10-250. Here is an update. After spending significant time on first waivers and then antenna installation and placement, I have solved the problem - Comcast with a TiVo series 3! The PQ is excellent, all HD content is stable and unpixelated, and the Comcast installation of the cable cards was a flawless 15 minute exercise. Since the CC's don't provide OnDemand access, an STB was provided...
No, this was not an HR-20 - just a basic HD receiver.
Are you getting the Tucson locals in HD?
Interestingly enough, my neighbor just had his failed D* HD receiver replaced after going around with Retention. When the CSR delivered the receiver, he also insisted on installing the 5 LNB dish and commented Tucson locals in HD would be available within a month! I am of course very skeptical about this but perhaps they are finding the initial bandwidth estimate was conservative and they can squeeze in a few more locals. Given the Tucson growth rate and the cable...
New Posts  All Forums: