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someone has to know something about this...
My mother recently purchased a Sanyo LCD from Wal-Mart (she is 67 and doesn't see the value in high priced electronics) for her bedroom. She said that ever since she has had the television that the words (audio) don't seem to be sync-ed well with the video. I told her that I remeber reading something regarding this months ago. The problem is I can not remember what the deal was with this. Is this an adjustment or should she return the TV???
Quote: Originally Posted by jnoel http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contrast_ratio it was the first hit on goole after typing in "contrast ratio". Thanks. I didn't even think about a search.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ted Hudgins I own the 3251 for a bedroom tv and while the picture quality is good to very good, the fact that the cable box RC won't work with the Viewsonic codes (all because Viewsonic didn't want to join in the universal agreement) is frustrating. If you can live with that, buy away. Thanks for the info. No, for me that is not an issue. I always use the supplied remotes even if there are 25 of them laying around.
I keep seeing 1000:1 contrast ration stated as a desireable specification. What exactly does this mean. Most seem to have this ratio are there some that have better/worse?
Quote: Originally Posted by fistofsouth I’ve looked at View Sonic myself. I just wonder what the deal is between the 3251W and the 3260W. Normally when manufacturers make multiple displays in the same size (Sony, Panny, Vizio, Westinghouse, et al) one display (Sony 32XBR) is clearly superior to the other (Sony 32 S-series). Just looking at the stats I can’t figure out which display should be better. This post stirred my interest. After my...
Thanks for all of your help. I just can't quite stomach the Vizizo, Visco, or westinghouse thing yet. I mean, all my life westinghouse made appliances. Anyway, thanks again for all the help!
TTT~~~Last time, I promise. Surely someone here has had or does own one of these.
I just sold my Hitachi 51" projection TV with a desire to downsize to a 32" flat panel product. I have been strongly considering the Viewsonic 3251w. I was wondering if any of you have any experience with Viewsonic display devices that you would like to share. Keep in mind my budget is 600-800 dollars. [EDIT] You can view this one at : http://www.viewsonic.com/products/de.../lcdtv/n3251w/ Thanks in advance.
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