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Try reading jojo311's post, about 3 posts before yours. His answer is all that we know right now. Dan
Go over to www.rockband.com and look in the Rock Band forum. There's a thread that discusses exactly what's different, and why. The thread's title says something, then has "Official Response on page 15" at the end of the title (or words to that effect). Dan
The FAQ on their web site goes out of its way explaining that they don't actually charge your card (unless you don't return the defective equipment), they "authorize" that amount. I don't know what the difference is, but apparently there is one. As for the amount, I'm sure it's the higher amount. They want to make sure that you don't keep the old equipment. Dan
If you find out how to determine if a receiver has minimal lag or not, please let us know how! Dan
Interesting idea. I may try something like that, or perhaps just putting something on one of the buttons to make it feel different. I'll have to experiment. Thanks for the idea! Dan
I decided it might be good to quote that post here. So here it is:Dan
There's a bunch of big long threads arguing about it over at the Rock Band forums. Here's a few quick tips: 1) It is possible that you can't fix it, at least not until a patch is made available. And there's a lot of speculation about whether it *is* patchable. Because: 2) The lag *may* be caused by your audio system, and if it is, it can't be fixed by a patch. If this is the case, turning off Dolby Digital and using your amp's "pure direct" mode, or a mode that doesn't do...
As someone else said -- seriously, the secret is Practice. Also, depending on the instrument, you may want to develop a plan for the song. On guitar for instance, some songs work well with leaving your fret hand in one place and using all four fingers. Others work best by learning when to slide you hand up and down and using just three fingers (most of the time). So think about this as you play the harder songs. Also, if you haven't done all the guitar tutorials, do them....
Yep, that's the hard stuff. Practice will really help. For a lot of the songs, there's a definite pattern and if you learn the pattern on slower speeds, it will help. IIRC, Detroit Rock City is one of those. BTW, if anyone can wave a magic wand and help me get the last part of Don't Fear The Reaper (on Hard), I'd appreciate it. Just kidding. Sort of. Dan
Unless, like me, you turn them on by mistake and then wonder "what the heck is THAT sound?" I couldn't figure out why the acoustic guitar didn't sound right in the break sections of "Long Time". But I eventually figured it out. Dan
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