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My 3313 did the same thing. After approx 6 "recycles" of "Ether IMG", it finally cleared the hurdle and it's now up and running.
To set your unit to the default settings: Switch the receiver into stand-by mode While holding down ENTER on the front panel, press STANDBY/ONThe display at this time will show RESET Select RESET using PRESET , then press ENTER on the front panel. The panel will display RESET?OK Press ENTER to confirm.OK will appear in the display to indicate the receiver is back to its default settings. I really don't think it matters when it comes to using HDMI outs.
Herbon and Old Denton Rd in Carrollton...........I have the channel without any issues.
The new firmware works as advertised with my Pioneer VSX-32. No more problems with HDMI1 output and SACD is fantastic. For a "first time" update, they've done very well! Many thanks to the betas!
Quote: Originally Posted by ExToker Are you referring to the Hdmi1 issue? I have a 93 inbound, but have been watching this problem very closely. That's one. I've got another with streaming Netflix. The receiver is cycling on and off.
Has anyone purchased the new Oppo BDP-93 blu-ray player and had issues? It looks like the new Oppo doesn't play well with some Pioneer receivers. I'm trying to work though the problems but it looks like most of the issues will require a firmware upgrade or two from Oppo.
Quote: Originally Posted by PHX HD I am aware of at least 3 that have had problems. For me, it is with a VSX-32 and the AVR will power cycle off and on during use. And, there is no work around. Using both HDMI outputs, swapping cables, and several setting changes have failed to correct the problem. Oppo is replacing the unit. I've got the -32 also and have the same problem. I thought I might have had speaker wires crossed and rewired the whole...
Is anyone here using the new Oppo BDP-93 player with their Pioneer receiver?
I've ordered mine and have just one question: My -83 has been flawless, but I've always been a little concerned about the drive itself. I always felt the drive felt a little flimsy - I know it's just my perception but it has always been a concern of mine. Does the -93 feel any more substantial?
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