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So just to clear this up for me. When using this guide to setup MPC, Does it associate all of the video played through Windows Media Center with MPC? Or do we have to configure MPC as an external player for WMC?
Why would you think that the Xbox cant handle a 10mbps flow? Is there some limitation that would throttle them down?
Does anyone have a list of what channels they are picking up from comcast on there QAM tuners?? Thanks alot
After calling every dealer and distributer in the continental united states I ended up ordering from this link and everything was great. BP9000213A is the part you want.http://www.partstore.com/PartSearch....213A&x=17&y=15
Did that mystery person tell you what kind of lumen output he or she got with that C/R ?? Thanks
Anyone have any actual contrast ratio number to post ?? Thanks
Anyone have any real contrast ratio number to post for this projector ??
My Samsung H710ae lamp has just died on me. I am desperate to find a replacement before the big game. Any of you folks know where to find one quickly?? Thanks in advance
I think I remember reading somewhere that Joe prefers the DC2 over the DC3. The black levels are definately improved with the DC3 but he got much better shadow detail with a DC2.
Glenn, I have two 4" absorbers in the front two corners and I lso built two 4" triangle traps for the ceiling corners.
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