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I'm having a blast with FFXIV.
They did finish the job. It just so happens she wasn't done with hers.
Amalur is $5.99 and worth at least $59.99.
Depends on the apocalypse. Some are more campfire friendly than others and far more likely than zombies.
No Holds BarredTerrible movie BUT the fights are good and Zeus looks like the Lou Ferrigno Hulk mid transformation with that unibrow. I'm no Hogan fan but this makes Over The Top look like Rocky.
This flick delivers. It is easily in a class along with Tremors or and The Woman in terms of quality. It has moments where it goes from 5 to 11 and a handful of showpiece gore moments. If you like revenge flicks and can tolerate some violence towards a woman give it a shot. They don't dwell on torturing the lady and get to business pretty quickly which I appreciated and it's nowhere near the level of violence portrayed in LHOTL. That said it's a great setup and I think...
Considering my HOA that's a great idea and you can save some of the discs to make an outfit along with some tires and football pads.
Or tie a few to a cat so it draws them away.
Sure wish it was live. I'd love to get a good three day weekend in on it.
I'm way intrigued about it.
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