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I didn't. The burned up dudes looked plenty real and those shot up cars were as real as the ones I've seen. It's to be expected that some scenes were setup though. It's just they do it for most docs. Like Blackfish. You could totally tell it was all rigged up to push an agenda. "Let's see, I wonder how hard it would be to find pissed off ex employees?"
She was top notch in that. I still can't decide if it was their plan for it to be the funniest comedy ever though.
Caught The Marked Ones last night/this morning. Pretty good entry.
I rented on Amazon Instant.
The MachineThis is a Blade Runner level B movie and only a B movie due to budget. Beautifully built and shot and never felt like an hour and a half. For me this is up there with Terminator, A.I., and Blade Runner in feel and ideas.
The Machine. See it. Blade Runner Level scifi.
Just realized this doc wasn't a good choice to show the wife before her Mexico trip in May.
It's probably right up my alley.
You're Next is freaking hilarious.
It's for sure a solid series. I think 3 is my favorite so far.
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