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I love the music. Even if the lyrics are telling others to kill. That doc is very much like the East Coast West Coast stuff that was really popular in the 90's. My set and I rolled deep with the West Coast. NWA, 2-Pac, just to name a couple.
I guess it's not deep enough for me yet. It's pretty light hearted fare compared to some of the other stuff I've seen. I'm sure I'll be back to finish it off.
I always wondered if the music in our local Mexican restaurants was saying "kill kill kill da white man, kill him till he is dead."
Yeah. It's here. I've seen posters up for this type of music in my little town. The silver lining is that fads come to my town to die.Still, a very good doc and worth a watch.
Berserk isn't for children.SAO is pretty good it's just that it's like watching a video of a guy playing a game or a guy talkin about playing a game.
I'm a dozen episodes into the series and while good I think I'll revisit later. Berserk is pulling me in hard.
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