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I can admit my first viewing of Brave left me underwhelmed but repeat viewings have turned me into a fan and I can support your views on it. It's a far superior relationship compared to Frozen and you could remove that evil bear all together and the end result would be as good due to the drama and peril being just between mother and daughter.Frozen is pretty and sounds great and had parts that could have been way better but I, like you, cannot see the universal praise. I...
Now we're two...#TeamTangled
Anyone catch The Marked Ones?
VR. So you can LARP without having to LARP. Jeezus H that's terrible.
Man I tell you, this generation needs a Diamond Dave.
I liked the book lots and the movie was pretty faithful. Mostly.
I think I've seen a lot of bands of a lot of different genres but my top three for just sheer quality of sound and badassness are Smashing Pumpkins in 1994, Kiss Hot In The Shade Tour 1990, and Jane's Addiction in 2012 for The Great Escape. All three had mind blowing production and I was not a Kiss fan until I saw them live. That Kiss show was actually my first concert. SP was in full on Siamese Dream mode and it sounded exactly like the album did to my teenage stoner...
Some pals shared this on FB.http://litreactor.com/columns/footnotes-true-detective
Got my voucher today.
Let's get Stallone on board as a Council of Five member.
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