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I've never heard of Zotac though seems interesting.
Because this AVS?
Agree here.
Streaming the games from my Windows PC I mean.
These are cool. Hardcore PC guys won't find much value but dropping one in my living room to stream from PC is sounding cool.
http://kotaku.com/from-alienware-to-zotac-all-the-steam-machines-with-sp-1495960379 Steam Machines!
I'm good at leaving expectations behind but also rarely rewatch things for a long while. I've seen The Conjuring twice and probably won't see it again on purpose for a while. I hate for things I like to become acceptable as background noise like Spike and Star Wars. My biggest joy on the second viewing was watching the wife react.
Not to beat a dead horse but was Hunger Games mentioned in any of the "message" talk?
Well this is my last post because I'm killing myself then.
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