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I'd go 7.1 personally. The amount of content is increasing quickly, and as Sdurani mentioned there is already a lot of content in 7.1 That will soon become the main mix on the majority of BR content.
That's a nice look. Are you going to go with lighter colors, such as your example pics? Or keep that design, but go with a darker color scheme?
More pics!
It shouldn't touch, but you don't need a full 1 inch gap. As TmcG said, a 1/4" gap will work just fine.
An oldie but a goodie. A friend on FB was asking me about this, so I dug it back up. Those were fun times.
Thanks guys, off to read and prep!
Glad to see the thread is still rocking and rolling! So, what's next? How about a DIY motion-activated seating system? Anyone make a DIY D-BOX yet? Craig, you listening?
This.Bookshelf does not mean poor quality, it means a type of design. Putting great speakers in an application they are not designed for will equate to poor performance. Loudspeakers are designed for different applications, if you need to house your speakers inside a cabinet, you need to get speakers designed for that application.
Carpet and pad do have an impact on acoustics, but not all that much, when compared to your walls. If you want to cut down on sounds reflections from the floor, just use a thick carpet, the pad won't really have an impact beyond that. From an acoustical point, you need to address the side reflections, where the sound from your front left/right speakers is bouncing off the side walls towards the listening positions.
The jump you can make with the projector is significant. Yes you will have to deal with the fact that ambient light impacts your viewing, but the pluses are significant. If you have ambient light, go with a bright projector, like an Epson, and then enjoy the massive screen!
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