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I'm using a center speaker shelf.Center Channel Shelf
That's exactly my thoughts. My wife came to the same conclusion. I had a pair of larger Bose (ya ya I know!!) bookshelf speakers for fronts and a DCM bookshelf speaker for a center. Talk about a mis-match. The precise sound that I have now with the 340SE's is just so new we have to adjust. I was never complaining that we lost all bass and are unhappy....it was just the first thing I noticed. Granted my Pioneer receiver can't max out the power rating of the SE's but...
Very sorry for the delay on this write-up of the Ascend 340SE's. Working late and just had a couple hours last night to try them out. I use my system 95% for home theater. This is the first time I've had matching speakers up front (left, right, center). I had time to watch about an hour or so of Star Wars III. Keep in mind I haven't had time to recalibrate my receiver for the new speakers. I immediately noticed slightly less bass but much clearer dialogue. As I...
Not really... It's an eight-digit number starting with "9".
My 3, 340SE's are here (central California). The only indication of an "SE" is an oval sticker on the back that says "Signature Edition". I'm home for lunch so no time to plug 'em in yet.
Got my confirmation yesterday.....the SE's will be here tomorrow (Wednesday the 11th). I feel like I've won a major award. I bet they'll be marked "FRAGILE" too ;) Sorry, too much TBS Christmas eve.
I second that. I also received confirmation that my SE's are on their way. Been on the list since mid November.
By the way, Newegg does have the Asus A8N-VM CSM instock now. Just ordered it along with the AMD 3200, 1gig ram, Antec Aria case and other stuff.
Ah ok. I have the Motorola HD box. I don't plan to use MCE (gonna get the MyHD card). Can recordings be done in WinXP with the firewire to the STB? If so, do I even need the MyHD card? Thanks.
darp, When you say you are recording HDTV via firewire, what are you connecting to exactly?
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