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No problemo. You certainly won't be disappointed. I LOVE mine
I saw last night that there are several multichannel modes. Does it have to be JUST multichannel or can it be any of the multichannel modes to take advantage of HD sound via LPCM over HDMI from a fat PS3? Thanks!
My home theater has the same dimensions, the same rear wall opening, and also has a side wall opening. The 707 can be pushed to DEAFENING levels in my setup
I think it really comes down to your speakers and how hard you push your volume level. The 707 and 807 are both THX certified and feature HD lossless sound... how different could the sound quality be? If you already have access to all of those networked devices, why would you need / want the network feature of the 807? It seems redundant to me (not to mention a waste of $200).Again, just my opinion.
Thanks! Does the receiver let you know if it is in fact getting an HD audio feed when set to multichannel? I'm not at home now and I don't remember... is there more than one multichannel mode?
I wrestled with this too; here are MY reasons why I decided to go with the 707.- The 5 rear HDMI inputs are already more than I need and the front HDMI input (not available on the 807) will come in handy (perhaps for an HD camcorder)- The saved $200 could be put towards a networked device that could do almost everything or more than the network ready 807 when connected to the 707 (Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Apple TV, Netflix / Pandora ready Blu-ray player, etc.)... not to...
So if you have a fat PS3, how do you know you are in fact listening HD audio? I'm running a 7.1 speaker system with the Onkyo TX-SR707 and a fat PS3. I've setup the PS3 to output all audio formats using LPCM via HDMI. What do surround mode do I set the receiver to? How do I know if it's working? Thanks for your help
According to the manual on page 6, it says that the receiver at 6 ohms is 160-175 watts. My speakers are rated at an 8 ohms, 125 watts maximum. Isn't that a problem that I'm as much as 50 watts over my rated speaker maximum wattage?
My new TX-SR707 arrived yesterday and I had one quick question that I'm hoping somebody can help me out with: My speaker specs say that they are 8 ohms. When I try to change the receiver to output 8 ohms I'm only able to choose between 4 ohms or 6 ohms. Does anybody know how I change them to 8 ohms? Thanks for your time and help.
I got a new BDP-2550 for Christmas and I'm noticing an issue. On the Samsung startup screen that gives me the option to go into Netflix or Pandora the screen "twitches" every 10-15 seconds. I don't see this issue within Netflix, Pandora, or when I'm watching a Blu-ray disc. Has anybody else seen this issue or know how to fix it?
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