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Ok if i choose "use spdif" on powererdvd what do i need to choose for output on the xm card? PCM? in digital? The audio is really bad when i'm doing pcm, i'm playing mp3 right now by the way, but even with 5.1 movie, pcm sound crappy. is DD Live and DTS Interactive like virtual effect?
I'm using powerdvd and i have it to output 6 channel.
Ok for this card, i can't get the sound to sound good with analog, when i'm in digital spif, do i set it as pcm or dd live? When in pcm mode, there is no audio from the center. I have 5.1 setup.
I have a 40" xbr3, and I used to have a pioneer plasma. The plasma was a 720p, but i think it looks better then the lcd. Plasma are much better for home theather. But I got the LCD just for games. If you play games alot, stick with the LCD, eventhough burn ins are not big of a deal these days with plasma, but it still gives you a peace of mine for playing long hours of game. But ask first what type of plasma is it? If it's some cheap brand, don't go for it. the...
I'm just confuse, I can get both the pure hd and pure video software for free. I already have powerdvd 7 ultra, do i need to install any of those nvidia purevideo or hd crap to make it look good, or powerdvd is good enough?
do i install both the purevideo and purevideo hd? or just do purevideo hd?
Has anyone tried out the new ATI Video card with the HDMI with this sound card? Will the hdmil sound be as good as the analog?
Wasn't this feature on the last driver of vista? When I click on DSP mode under the main setting tab, all i see is a virtual 7.1. if i enable that, then i can do the sound shifter which does control individual speakers. I have 5.1 setup, i don't want to do a virtual 7.1
I'm pretty tired of the nvidia because I can not set my resolution to the 1080p right now under vista. Don't know what the problem is. If i go with the 8600, then i would minds well keep mine 8800gtx
where does it let u adjust individaul speaker setting? I have vista
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