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So far my order with amazon has not been cancelled, but I expect that in a day or two we will be receiving notices that our orders are being delayed. I wonder how long it will take them to do a new blu-ray?
This is another example where Warner has disappointed on the audio side, but this series is amazing and different, so I am glad I purchased it. However, on other series released by Warner, where I may be undecided, I may skip them if lossless tracts do not begin to appear.
I own the dvd, but I will not be able to resist this blu-ray. I would also like to see more older classics released, so I definitely want to show my support for a title like this one.
I enjoy extras, but I would buy some movies in a budget edition if I liked the movies. The problem here is that these are not the type of films that appeal to me.
Ouch! I will really miss that. I ordered an Onkyo Receiver and received $70 back a few months ago.
That's a good question! I seldom watch the same movie the next day or even the next week, but often after a few weeks or months I will remember a movie and decide to watch it again. If a person never watches a movie over again, it would not make sense to buy them--renting would be the way to go. So, yes, ultimately I do watch most of my movies more than once. For example, I feel like rewatching the movie Stardust again and will probably do so this weekend.
I watch Blu-rays more, of course, but I still watch my HD DVDs--the most recent was Being John Malkovich, which I believe is still not available as a Blu-Ray.
I completely agree--or he simply did not know what he was talking about--probably both!
Although I was looking forward to the preview of season 3, I can live without it. As has been mentioned, in a month or so it will be moot anyway. Ultimately I assume we all bought this because we enjoyed season 2.
Now that I have my PS3 I love it, but I must admit that I wanted a blu-ray player and that was my main motivation for purchasing a PS3. Like many here, I had the Xbox 360 first and would probably never have looked beyond it--except for Blu-Ray!
New Posts  All Forums: