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That all looks pretty amazing, but... all Monster Cable cables and interconnects? Wow that's money...
Would the Chromecast even work through a phone as a hotspot? I don't know. But I bet most people don't have enough data on their plans to watch much of any streaming content.
WHAT?!? I WANT IT NOW!!! I want the update for that much more than for the wifi remote stuff. I use a Harmony so no need for wifi remote capability. But the main reason I use our BRD player for apps is the YouTube stuttering problem, and also the fact that we don't get 5.1 from the TV's optical output. I was hoping to have all devices run to the TV with HDMI and only one optical cable out to my AVR (no HDMI switching or ARC), but I couldn't get 5.1 from the TV and had...
I can pretty much assure you that you would NOT be able to use a Chromecast device at a hotel/motel. We use a Harmony 650 remote in our living room with multiple devices. I love the thing, lets me keep the 4 device remotes in the desk drawer.
If I had known it would have been a problem, I might have gone for a TV without apps on it. I originally wanted to use the apps through the TV so that I wouldn't have to switch sources. But with a Harmony remote it's not really a big deal at all.
In our master bedroom (not the bedroom listed in my sig), I have a Sony LCD TV mounted on the wall. Directly below the TV is an upright bookshelf, with a Sony AVR on top, and two speakers directly underneath in the upper portion of the bookshelf. To the left of the bookshelf is a dresser with the DirecTV box sitting on top. The cables behind all that run every which way. Power from each going down to the floor. HDMI from D* running over to TV. Audio from TV (for D*...
Yeah I noticed on our new Vizio M501 TV that when watching Netflix through the TV I never could get true DD 5.1. When watching it through a Sony S5100 BRD I do get 5.1. Yet another reason to not even bother with the TV's smart apps. Our Chromecast is for our bedroom, in which I have an older Sony AVR with no digital connectivity at all, and just 2 speakers attached. The Chromecast is plugged into the back of the TV, which is fine in that location.
On my 650 I hold the Help button for a few seconds to get to the advanced menu, choose the TV, then adjust the Power On delay to 10 seconds. I think the default was like 17 or something.Well I know but I meant originally. $179 is outrageous for a 2 year warranty.
ummm wow you got shafted on that deal from BB. My 5-year plan from BB was $119.99.
Waiting on Vimeo to come to Chromecast!
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